Clinical Terminology Online Degree Course 2017
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Clinical Terminology Online Degree Course 2017

Online Degree

Clinical Terminology Online Degree Course 2017

Clinical Terminology Online Degree Course is open now at the University of Pittsburgh..

UP is offering an online degree course on Clinical Terminology for International and U.S Students.

Students globally can apply for the clinical terminology online degree program..

Students will understand the terms and abbreviations..

Understanding the clinical terms and abbreviations commonly used in U.S hospitals is challenging.

The Clinical Terminology Online Degree Course will start on November 6, 2017

Founded after the American Revolutionary War in 1787.

The hospitals make use of clinical terms and abbreviations often.

Adaptation to clinical language can be difficult for U.S. and International students.

Institution Location

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Learning Benefit(s)

A web-based clinical dictionary for beginners

Definitions of important terms that could not be covered in the 6 week course.

Learning Instructors

Valerie Swigart, Ph.D. R.N.

Professor of Nursing

School of Nursing

Clinical Terminology Online Degree

Michael Gold, Ph.D.

Associate Professor Emeritus

Graduate School of Public and International Affairs

Online Study Subject

Life Sciences

Host Institution

University of Pittsburgh and Coursera

Online Languages


Certificate Available


Online Course Session

Course begins on November 6, 2017

How To Apply Clinical Terminology Online Degree Course

  1. Visit course website link
  2. Sign Up At FutureLearn
  3. Select a course and Join

For more information, visit here

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